Durable dog leashes

Poly Canine hero

Dog leash with unique design from Poly Canine

Now we’re opening the doors to a new colorful brand within dog accessories: Poly Canine, durable and affordable dog leashes with a focus on long-lasting quality. All our leashes are made of boat rope designed to withstand high strains and harsh weather conditions on board a boat. This makes our leashes highly durable, and they also withstand sharp puppy teeth!

All our dog leashes are made in Vårgårda, Sweden. The leashes are developed with the same construction as boat rope, designed to withstand high strains and wet conditions on the boat. This means that our leashes are very durable, water repellent and also very easy to clean. The leash is made of durable polyester, which also makes the leash very soft and comfortable to hold in the hand and with minimal burning. Even if the dog pulls on the leash.

We believe that a leash doesn’t just have to be a leash; it can also be an accessory that you can match with your dog’s collar, jacket, or even your own clothes. The big picture is in the details! It should actually be seen that you belong together and that you are a crew. A dog leash can really be that detail that binds you together. We think that this is a very beautiful thought.

“We are thrilled to launch these fun and uniquely designed dog leashes, which we hope will appeal to all you dog owners out there. We quality check all leashes during production to ensure that they meet both the customer’s and our expectations.” – Angelica, Product Developer for Poly Canine.

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