Anchor Hitch

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Anchor hitch, a really good knot for attaching a rope to an anchor!

The anchor hitch is a true classic that everyone should know! It is strong and secure and can be used to tie the line to a shackle or directly to the anchor. There are many uses for the anchor hitch, and it is suitable when you want to make a strong, quick, and secure knot to attach an anchor or something else to a ring, for example.

A big advantage of the anchor hitch is that it is suitable for use on ropes with a smooth surface. For example, ropes made of polyethylene or dyneema lines. When you have tied the anchor hitch, it sits tightly and can even be a bit difficult to loosen. It may require a hammer to tap on the knot to loosen it up. In other words, it is securely fastened!

If you don’t use the anchor hitch at sea, there are still reasons to learn it. Because it is suitable for securing in a ring or a carabiner, there are occasions in the woods, for example, where it can be invaluable.

Summary of the Anchor Hitch

  • It is strong and secure
  • Easy to tie
  • Anchor Hitch is versatile Suitable for use both at sea and on land
  • Suitable for use with most types of ropes

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