This is how long anchor line you should have

hur lång ankarlina

This is how long anchor line you should have

How long anchor line you should have is a question that is not entirely easy to answer. It’s a classic “it depends” question. A basic rule is that you should have an anchor line that is 5-6 times longer than the depth of the water you are in.

Here at PolyRopes you will find anchor lines that are 50 meters long. That is enough for most occasions. You rarely anchor where it is too deep, so you don’t need an unnecessarily long anchor line. Thanks to this, you also avoid having too much anchor line in the boat.

But having an extra anchor line with a corresponding anchor in the boat is actually more useful than you might think. When it is very windy, it is nice to be able to secure properly with an extra anchor and anchor line.

Different types of anchor lines

There are several types of anchor lines. Everything from a classic three-strand, leaded, and braided anchor line. Anchor lines are also a product that there is some discussion about, namely: “Should I have a leaded anchor line or not?” Here at PolyRopes, the answer is simple, use an anchor line without lead. Why? Because the leaded anchor lines are harmful to nature. Even though the lead is encapsulated to some extent, unfortunately, there is a risk of lead coming out into nature anyway. When the leaded anchor line becomes worn, the risk increases that the harmful lead contaminates the water.

At PolyRopes, you will instead find anchor lines with other solutions such as chain or other weight that corresponds to what you get with a leaded line. A much more gentle solution. Thanks to a product development that never ceases, we can therefore reduce the proportion of leaded products with the result that our waters are better off.

How much line should you have with you?

Now you know how long anchor line you should have. And you need at least one anchor line to start with. If you want to be completely sure that you are securely anchored when it is windy, you should always have an extra anchor line on board. You can also use this to splice together with your existing line if it is not enough.

Here you can see our different anchor lines

In summary – how long anchor line you should have and what else you need in the boat

  • Anchor
  • Anchor line that is approximately 5-6 times longer than the depth of the water
  • An extra anchor line. Alternatively, a roll of rope that can be spliced if your primary anchor line is not enough.
  • A good mood.

Click here to watch a movie about how to anchor on a swing.

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