What Fender Size for Your Boat?

Hero fender storlek båt

What size should my fender be?

Size chart
Model Length cm Diameter cm Suitable for boats
F1 61,0 15,2 20-25 ft.
F02 66,0 19,1 25-30 ft.
F3 76,2 20,8 30-35 ft.
F4 102,9 21,6 35-40 feet
F5 76,2 27,9 40-45 ft.
F6 106,7 27,9 45-50 ft.
F7 104,1 38,1 50-55 feet
F8 147,3 38,1 55-65 ft.
F11 146,1 53,8 65-75 feet
F13 194,3 73,7 Over 75 feet
NF3 48,3 14,2 10-20 ft.
NF4 54,9 16,3 20-30 ft.
NF5 68,1 22,6 30-35 ft.
HTM2 52,1 21,6 25-35 ft.
HTM3 68,6 26,7 35-45 ft.
HTM4 88,4 34,3 45-55 ft.
Inflatable fender 12×30 76,2 30,5 30-35 ft.
Inflatable fender 12×42 107,0 30,5 35-50 feet
Inflatable fender 14×36 91,5 35,5 50-60 ft.
Inflatable fender 18×58 147,3 45,7 60-80 ft.
Inflatable fender 24×66 167,6 61,0 Over 80 ft.

What size fender for your boat is an extremely common question

Fenders, buoys or bumpers. We have many names for the things we love. An indispensable and necessary accessory for your boat. Fenders are available in a large number of colors and shapes, each having their own benefits. But what fender size do I need for my boat? In this article we provide you with answers, and maybe some additional tips and tricks along the way.

Important things to consider when choosing the size of your fender

It is important that your fender is large enough to protect the boat hull. But a large fender becomes more difficult to handle, and it takes up more space. Some boats have fender baskets shaped to smoothly store away fenders in. If you have a fender basket already installed it was most likely done so by the boat manufacturer and the size of the fender basket should correlate to the fender size needed for your boat. If this is not available, we recommend that you check out our recommendation table at the beginning of the article.

How is the size of the boat fender determined?

The size of the fender is determined by the length, height, and freeboard profile of the boat. The fender should protect the freeboard but not be submerged in water. A 40-foot boat with a high freeboard requires a larger sized fender compared to a similar-sized boat with a lower freeboard.

How many fenders do you need? For boats up to 10m, you need at least 2 fenders per side. If your boat is longer than 10 meters it might be a good idea to have 3-4 fenders per side. In addition to these you should also have one round fender (buoy) per side.

If you are looking for a large fender that is inflatable, click here.

We’ve created a table chart to point you in the right direction in finding the correct fender size for your boat. This table chart is approximate and some boats may have guidelines that are more unusual so you should always measure your boat before making a decision.

In summary, what size fender for your boat to have:

  • Start from the table above.
  • If you have high freeboard you need a longer fender.
  • Better to have too many fenders than too few.

Don't pump too much air into the fenders

This is how you inflate an F-fender

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