What is a Sheet (rope)?

What is a Sheet (rope)?

This is a question many boaters have asked themselves. To summarize in one sentence: A Sheet (Line) is a line that hold the mast at a certain position on the sail boat. Often called a sheet.

A more in-depth explanation for the knowledge-thirsty individual.

Sheets are used to set sail

Sheets are lines used to set sails. There can be more than one or two sheets on a sail boat, for example one used for the mainsail and one for the genoa. These sheets are fastened to each respective sail and with the help of the sheets you can adjust the sail position in relation to the wind.

How to adjust your sheet?

With the help of winches and clutches. Winches are used to take down the sails. This is also called reefing. When you are finished reefing you fasten the line in a clutch. Winching the sheet should always be done clockwise.

The sheet is fastened in the clew. Something which is best described as an eyelet in the sail. These eyelets are placed at the corners of the sail. There you fasten the sheet line and also one line on each side of the cockpit. The sheet can be fastened in different ways depending on the sail, but the principle is the same.

A sheet is often made of polyester

A sheet (line) is often made of polyester, both core and casing. For you who want maximum strength with minimal elasticity there are sheets available with a Dyneema-core.

What thickness of sheet should I have?

This is a question we often get and it is a question which answer depends on your winch and your clutch. If your winch is approved for ropes 8-12 mm you should choose a rope with these dimensions. The thicker the sheet line, the more rope to wear down and nicer to handle.

We hope this answers the question of ‘What is a sheet line’ by reading this article. And remember…

  • A sheet line, or sheet as it is also called. Is used to set sails.
  • On a boat there can be many sheet, e.g. for the mainsail and the genoa.
  • Always base choice of sheet on the winch and clutch.

Vilken längd på repet behöver jag?

Typ Längd
Storskot Båtlängd x 2,5 m
Genuaskot Båtlängd x 1,0 m
Fockskot Båtlängd x 0,5 m
Gajar Båtlängd x 2,2 m
Cunningham Bomlängd x 1,0 m
Kick Bomlängd x 2,0 m
Uthal Bomlängd x 2,0 m

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