Elastic mooring ropes - favorite among boat owners!

Elastic mooring ropes are a type of rope with built-in shock absorption, eliminating the need to purchase a separate shock absorber for your mooring line. Additionally, you avoid the noise caused by steel springs in traditional lines. Our elastic mooring ropes consist of 60% polyester and 40% elastic material, and they are manufactured in Sweden.

How does an elastic mooring rope work?

In windy conditions, the elastic mooring rope will stretch like a rubber band, effectively reducing jerks and pulls from the boat. This helps protect the boat from potential damage caused by strong jerks, which could lead to serious damage in the worst case. By following the recommended thicknesses of the rope, its optimal strength is ensured. In most cases, the rope will handle more force than the boat itself.

When you choose to buy elastic mooring ropes from us, you get:

  • A reliable supplier with extensive experience in boating
  • A wide range of products to meet your specific needs
  • A wide selection of different lengths, dimensions, and colors
  • Products manufactured in Sweden

Three different variants

We have three different variants of elastic mooring ropes: Storm, StormX, and Dockline.

Storm, a traditional 3-strand model, has been voted best in test multiple times.

StormX, an advancement of Storm, combines a braided outer shell with a core of 3-strand design.

Dockline, ideal for larger boats, resembles StormX with its braided shell but differs in its nylon core instead of a 3-strand polyester core.

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