Different types of life jackets:

We offer life jackets for adults, children, babies, cats and dogs - well, for the entire family. A life jacket is your best safety equipment when on board a boat. All of our vests are from Regatta of Norway. This is one of Norway's biggest and most popular life jacket brands, where quality and safety is of utmost importance.

Inflatable life jackets

Inflatable life jackets have become increasingly more popular. More and more people are choosing to replace their traditional life jacket with one that inflates when you fall into water. The benefit of these life jackets is that the inflatable part shapes itself into a U, and turns you to face upwards to keep your head out of water. This provides protection for you, as well as supports your neck. Each life jacket is equipped with a tablet and a carbon dioxide cartridge. These have a 'best before' date that shows when it is time to replace them.

Life vest 50N

Everyone knows what a tradition life jacket looks like, with a simple buttoning or lacing at the waist. These life jackets keep you floating but will not turn you onto your back or keep your head out of water should an accident happen. You also need to be able to swim when using a vest like this.

Life jacket

This type of life jacket is similar to a traditional vest but is equipped with more accessories like belt, whistle and collar. These life jackets usually have a buoyancy of about 100N. A life jacket like this turns you on your back and keeps your head above the surface.

life jacket inflatable red
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