Lead ropes Manufactured in Vårgårda, Sweden

Looking for a stylish and safe lead rope for competitions? Or a durable work rope for horsemanship training? We have what you're looking for, regardless of your focus.
Match your
halter with our stylish and durable lead ropes ! We offer lead ropes, lunge lines, or work ropes, with different names for the same beloved tool!

Choose from long or short ropes in several colors, with or without a snap. All our lead ropes also come equipped with a stylish leather detail at one end.

Lead ropes from rope experts

In 1967, the Nilsson family founded the company Poly Ropes, and that's where our passion for ropes and innovative solutions began. Since then, we have developed high-quality ropes, and with that knowledge and expertise, we can call ourselves rope experts! This has resulted in lead ropes and work ropes that are durable, reliable, and available in several beautiful colors.

The lead ropes are made of boat rope to withstand tough pulls, wear, and many years of outdoor use. They are also easy to clean with water, which is both convenient and sustainable. A lead rope you will be able to enjoy for several years!


Something for every discipline

Let the lead rope become a natural part of your and your horse's equipment, that little extra. To ensure you find what suits you and your horse, we have developed lead ropes with two different types of hooks and one without a hook.

The lead rope without a hook we call a cut length and is tied directly to the rope halter. It is often used in ground training and can contribute to enhanced communication. For example, used in horsemanship.
We offer one type of panic hook, the so-called shooting hook, which is easy to release if an accident should occur. Last but not least, we have our elegant pistol hook in brass, a classic that works for all occasions.
Our lead ropes are also equipped with an elegant leather detail at one end from Tärnsjö Garveri.
All lead ropes come in several stylish colors, both for those who want a lead rope that stands out or one that blends in. Our most popular colours are navy blue, green, burgundy, beige and black.
Discover our most popular lead rope ELÉGANCE with a panic hook.

3 tips on how to lead your horse more safely

  • Never wrap the lead rope around your hand
    It may sound obvious, but sometimes you may need a reminder. If the horse becomes scared of something and jerks or tries to break free, you may be at risk of serious injuries. It is advisable to use gloves when handling to protect your hands.
  • Always hold the horse in a lead rope and not in the halter itself
    "I'll just," you might think sometimes when you lead the horse a short distance. The risk of an accident is greater if you hold the halter directly. You gain better control and reduce the risk of injury if you lead the horse with the help of a lead rope.
  • Have good communication with your horse
    It becomes both more fun and safer when you and the horse have good and clear communication! There are many exercises you can do together with your horse to get a stronger interaction from the ground.
    Such exercises can be useful in all handling, both when you lead your horse from the pasture and also in riding. It is an amazing feeling when you can dance forward with your horse using only your body language! We wish you and your horse much joy and harmony in whatever you take on!
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