Polypropylene rope for everything from cable pulling to decoration

Polypropylene rope is one of the most commonly used rope materials worldwide due to its high durability and low weight. Polypropylene rope, or PP rope as it is commonly known, is used for various purposes such as flag lines or as cable pulling lines. Moreover, it is also suitable for decoration purposes, such as stair railing lines, something we call polyhemp. It can be said that there are almost endless applications for polypropylene rope.

When you choose to buy polypropylene rope from us, you get:

  • Extensive experience in the rope industry, over 55 years!
  • A range of products suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Rope of very high quality.
  • Products tailored to the market.
  • Fast deliveries, even for special orders.
  • A large inventory with over 4000 ropes.

The right PP rope for your project

We understand that it can often be challenging to find the right polypropylene rope. Many times, you might end up paying more for something you don't really need. With our extensive experience in different materials, we can always offer the right product for you.

Polypropylene rope is a versatile type of rope that is a classic "must-have" rope. It works excellently for a variety of purposes, both on construction sites and in homes.

We help you find the right rope for your needs:

Buying a rope isn't difficult. But buying the right rope can be a bit trickier. Perhaps you need a rope that floats and also has high breaking strength? That's why we're here for you. When you buy a rope from us, you should know that we always prioritize you and your needs.

We want to be your obvious choice when it comes to polypropylene rope, or PP rope as we also call it. We've been around long enough to know what's what. And for you to feel confident that we deliver PP rope of the highest quality for whatever occasion you need it for!

Short lead times and a wide range of products:

When it comes to polypropylene rope, we have a wide range with plenty of lengths and dimensions. At PolyRopes, you'll find lengths up to 2000m for cable pulling. Products that we always have in stock for immediate delivery. With over 55 years in the industry, we know just how important fast deliveries and well-stocked warehouses are, something we always strive for. We have our well-stocked warehouse just north of Gothenburg, in Vårgårda.

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