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A halyard should be both soft and easy to handle, yet stiff enough to avoid frequent adjustments. As experienced sailors and rope experts, we understand the importance of a high-performance halyard for your sailboat. We offer both rigid polyester halyards and high-quality dyneema halyards specially designed for sailing purposes. With us, you'll find the halyard that suits your needs and provides the support you require!

The finer the braid of the sheath on a halyard, the higher the proportion of material in the core. In halyards, you want as much material in the core as possible to get a stiff line that doesn't stretch.

What is a halyard?

Which halyard should I choose?

When you choose to buy a halyard from us, you get:

  • Over 55 years of knowledge about halyards
  • A wide range for both recreational and racing sailors.
  • The right halyard for the right occasion.
  • The option to choose between spliced and sewn eyes.
  • Fast deliveries and short lead times.

High-quality halyards regardless of your needs

Whether you choose one of our rigid polyester halyards, which we call PROLine. Or if you opt for one of our more advanced dyneema halyards, we want you to be satisfied with your product. All our halyards are manufactured within the EU, and we have full control over production. We want you to feel as confident with our products as we do ourselves. With us, you'll find only the best materials available on the market.

The right halyard for you

For recreational sailors, a halyard with polyester in both the core and sheath is recommended, which is sufficient for most types of halyards. In that case, our Proline halyard is excellent.

For serious recreational sailors, polyester still works perfectly well, but with a stiffer core. Here, our Prorace Four halyard fits perfectly, with a polyester sheath and a Dyneema hybrid core. They cost a bit more but avoid sagging mainsails thanks to the line's tendency to stretch less than 0.8%.

For racing sailors, thinner lines with a core of 100% Dyneema are recommended, as they withstand more and are completely stiff. For you as a racing sailor, our ProRace One halyard fits perfectly as it has a Dyneema core and a stretch of 0.6%.

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