Splicing tools - strong connections without knots

Splicing tools are indispensable tools in handling ropes, cords, and strings to create strong and secure connections without the need for knots. These tools are primarily used in the boating and sailing industry but also have applications in other areas such as crafts and artisanal work.

Splicing needles are a type of splicing tools used to pull through ropes to create loops or eyes. These needles are typically made of metal and come in various sizes to accommodate different rope thicknesses.

Rope fid is another commonly used splicing tool. It is usually made of wood or metal and is used to create loops or eyes in ropes. The rope fid has a pointed end to pierce through the rope and a wider end to provide grip when pulling through the rope.

Whipping twine is a specially strong and durable thread used to secure ropes and lines by wrapping them tightly in a pattern. It is often used in conjunction with splicing needles or rope fid to create secure and durable connections

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