Rope experts since 1967

When looking for a rope, choose a reliable supplier who really knows their ropes. As rope experts, we know how important it is to have the right type of rope for the right purpose. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of ropes available on the market.

When you choose to buy rope from us, you get:

  • A reliable supplier with over 55 years of experience in rope products.
  • A wide range tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Products made from high quality materials.
  • The right type of rope for the right purpose.
  • Short lead times for delivery of products and customised solutions.
  • A warehouse with over 4000 ropes.

High quality ropes for any project:

With over 55 years of experience in different materials/fibres, we offer a variety of ropes designed and engineered to meet your specific needs. Our ropes are made from high quality materials/fibres that are hard-wearing, durable and easy to handle. This means you can trust that the rope will last a long time, and perform at its peak when you need it most.

Helps you find the right rope for your needs:

When you buy a rope from us, you should know that we always put you, the customer, first. We understand the importance of having the right rope for the right purpose. This is why we work hard to ensure that you as a customer get the rope that suits your specific needs.

So if you want a reliable partner when it comes to ropes. Choose us as your rope supplier! With our expertise and high quality ropes, you can feel safe and secure when tackling any task.

Short lead times and a wide range of products:

With over 55 years of experience as a rope supplier, you can rely on us to deliver high-quality products and customised solutions for your projects. We have our warehouse located one hour north of Gothenburg in Vårgårda and offer a wide range of over 4000 ropes.

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