Washing Lines - durable and strong washing lines

We offer washing lines suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, made from materials capable of withstanding several years of use. We have lines made of 100% polyethylene, which withstand wear and resist the sun's degrading UV rays very well. We also have a plastic-coated washing line that can dry heavy and wet clothes without the risk of breaking or being damaged. It also has a specially grooved surface to prevent clothespins from sliding on the line.

Environmentally friendly alternatives

We also offer a washing line made of 100% natural sisal, 3-strand and untreated. Sisal fibers, which make up our sisal washing line, are remarkable for their biodegradability and renewable nature. These qualities make them an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional synthetic washing lines. By using our sisal washing line to hang your clothes, you actively contribute to reducing your carbon footprint and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

When you choose to buy washing lines from us, you get:

  • A reliable and trustworthy supplier - over 55 years of experience
  • A selected range for all kinds of occasions
  • Products made of the highest quality
  • The right type of washing line for the right occasion
  • Short lead times for delivery of products and special solutions
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