Nylon ropes - 40% elongation and incredible abrasion resistance

Nylon rope is a type of synthetic rope made of polyamide fiber and is known for its superior strength and elasticity. This makes it ideal for various applications in agriculture, construction, industry, and the marine industry. The rope has high resistance to wear and UV light, making it a durable and reliable choice for long-term outdoor use. The rope does not float.

When you choose to buy nylon rope from us, you get:

  • A reliable supplier with over 55 years of rope experience.
  • A wide range tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • The right type of rope for the right purpose.
  • Short lead times for delivery of products and customised solutions.
  • A warehouse with over 4000 ropes.

40% stretch at break

Nylon rope has an impressive breaking strength and an elongation at break of 40%, providing excellent resistance to strong jerks and shock absorption. This property makes nylon rope very useful in areas where ropes are subjected to high loads or stress, such as lifting or anchoring heavy objects.

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