Anchor ropes - How to get a strong anchor attachment

Anchor ropes are used to secure the boat during anchoring and to retrieve the anchor. To get a strong anchor attachment, it is usually advantageous to use an anchor rope with some form of weight, such as a piece of chain closest to the anchor. These weights help the anchor rope lay properly on the bottom and provide a stable grip, making it easier to secure the boat during anchoring.

This is how long anchor line you should have

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  • A reliable supplier with over 55 years of experience in rope products.
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Lead-free anchor ropes - become an environmental hero:

Previously, leaded anchor ropes were often used, but due to environmental risks and damage to aquatic life, we do not use lead in any of our anchor ropes. Lead can leak into the water and harm both animals and the environment. Our anchor ropes are both safe and environmentally friendly and come in different varieties to suit different boats and needs.

Visible and safe: Choose a colorful anchor rope for better visibility underwater

Choosing an anchor rope in a strong color is important for it to be clearly visible underwater. This makes it easier to find the anchor rope when needed for adjustment or when retrieving the anchor. A colorful anchor rope also provides better safety by being more visible to other boats, increasing the chance of avoiding accidents.

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