Fall arrestors - fall arresting rope from 3M™ Protecta® and DBI-SALA®

Choosing the right fall protection harness is crucial for working at high altitudes. In addition to total safety and durability, a harness must also provide functionality, comfort, and flexibility, so that one can perform at their best with safety. We have selected the best harnesses from the 3M™ range in three price levels, a full body harness and a full body harness with positioning belt in each group.

The fall arrester acts as a link between the safety harness and the fall protection's coupling device. The fall protection arrester absorbs the energy that occurs during a fall by allowing a stitched band in the fall arrester to unfold and slow down the speed of the fall - the body is not subjected to a higher force than 6 kN.

It is important to use the fall arrestor line / fall arrester in the right situations; when the potential fall height is generally higher than 6 meters. For lower potential fall heights of approximately 6 meters or less, a fall arrest block should be used, as the block will more quickly slow down and stop a potential fall.

The fall arrester must be certified according to CE EN355.

Illustration fallskydd säkerhetssele
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