Dubbel Constrictor

Hero Double Constrictor knop PolyRopes

Double Constrictor – This is how you tie the knot

Double Constrictor is a knot that everyone should know! It is easy to tie, holds like a rock, and is very useful. The knot is preferably used when you need to have a quick and smooth knot to tie around a pole or similar.

Double Constrictor is a knot that has many uses On the boat, it can be used to tie the fender lines to the railing or as a temporary mooring of the boat. But beware! Once it’s set, it can be difficult to break up.

This knot is widely used in cable pulling, precisely because it is so easy to make yet still holds well. The more force the knot is subjected to, the tighter it sets. Therefore, you should be careful with it.

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